Prima Reflecting on the Past 25 years

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As we reflect on the past 25 years, we can't help but be in awe of our journey.

Born from the grit of our founders, Mr. & Mrs. Beni, Prima Cheese has transformed from a humble family business to a global leader in cheese processing. We've stood the test of time, weathering financial crashes, site expansions, international market entries, Brexit, and a global pandemic, all while serving some of the world's largest brands. 🌍🧀

Every challenge we've faced and every victory we've celebrated all boil down to the passionate individuals who make up the Prima family. Our cheesy champions, who are the heart and soul of Prima, have contributed not just their expertise but their unwavering dedication.

We owe a great deal to Mr. & Mrs. Beni. Through their hard work and mentorship, they've built a successful business and enriched countless lives over the past two and a half decades. Here's to them, to every Prima family member, past and present, and to the next 25 years of delivering quality, consistency, and service in every block, shred, and dice of cheese we produce! 🎉

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