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Our cheese grades

Start discovering our products by understanding our grading system. Whilst all our cheeses are all amazing (yes we’re biased) - some offer different qualities and price points to suit different markets. The key below explains the grades and make sure to look out for the grade listed on individual products.

Our products

Two boxes of our Elite cheese



When only the finest quality cheese will do

Our premium brand, Elite is ideal for high end hotels and restaurants serving up the most delicious dishes in the area. The ingredients used have been handpicked from the best of the best.

Cheesy Characteristics

Irresistible taste
the best ingredients make for the best taste
Consistency is king
the perfect melt and stretch consistency
Pure blend
100% cheesey goodness
“We love the Elite brand cheese! The quality is excellent and is versatile enough to be used across our whole menu. Thanks Prima.”“We love the Elite brand cheese! The quality is excellent and is versatile enough to be used across our whole menu. Thanks Prima.”
Chris Blake Chef, Pacific Bistro
Two bags of our refined fine grated cheese



A super fine grate for excellent melt and coverage

Our newest brand, reFINED is a super fine grate packed with plenty of flavour, available in our highest quality blends and perfect for stuffing into toasted sandwiches and panini. 

Cheesy Characteristics

Even melt and coverage
The fine grate means a little goes a long way
Highest Quality Blends
reFINED is only available in our highest quality blends and cheese types
A box of Prima Cheese with a bag of grated cheese in front



The classic original and still the best

You don't have to look far before you come across Prima out in the wild. Our signature brand is perfect for a whole range of delicious creations from cheesy chips to fresh stone baked pizzas. 

Cheesy Characteristics

Excellent Mix of Quality and Economy
For customers who value quality but also want an affordable option
Our most popular cheese
It's so popular, we put our name on it!
A box containing bags of our Soprano brand of cheese



A staple in many leading pizzerias - it's pizza perfection

Authentic Italian flavour and an unmistakable stretch and melt, Soprano is the ultimate pizza topping.

Cheesy Characteristics

Unrivalled quality and consistency
There's a reason Soprano is one of our best sellers
Trusted by chefs around the world
Soprano's quality and consistency is known the world over
A box of our diced Simply Dice cheese with two bags of the cheese behind it

Simply Dice


When even coverage is paramount, simply dice ensures every inch is covered in delicious melty cheese.

Available across our range of cheeses, Simply Dice makes covering a pizza a breeze. As it melts, it evenly spreads to create a delicious melted topping that doesn't leave any gaps. 

Cheesy Characteristics

Even Melt
Diced cheese ensures even coverage across the whole pizza
Simply Dice comes in our widest range of blends and cheese types
A box of our Cheezy Top cheese with two bags of it in front

Cheezy Top


Budget blends that always deliver

Ideal for cheesy chips and pasta bakes, Cheezy Top is a budget blend with the same Prima quality and consistency

Cheesy Characteristics

Excellent value
Perfect for price conscious connoisseurs
Versatile and reliable
Works well across a number of different dishes with a reliable melt every time
A box of our Chef's Choice cheese with two bags in front

Chef's Choice


Remarkably affordable and irresistibly tasty

For price conscious customers that still want that signature Prima quality, consistency and taste, Chef's Choice blends real cheese with innovative analogues to provide a cost effective blend that doesn't compromise on quality. 

Cheesy Characteristics

Cost effective quality
Innovative blending means Chef's Choice is tasty and affordable
The ultimate pizza topper
Specially formulated to deliver pizza perfection
A box of our Simply Melt pizza strings

Simply Melt


The perfect solution for deliciously melty stuffed crusts and mozzarella sticks

Simply melt pizza strings are perfect for stuff crust pizzas. Simply lay around the edge of the pizza and wrap the crust over for gorgeously gooey cheesy crusts your customers will love. 

A box of our grated Buttercup Cheddar



That unmistakable cheddar taste combined with our expert processing

Our delicious flavourful yet mild cheddars are ideal for stuffing into steaming jacket potatoes or baking into delicious quiches. Available in a number of different formats, Buttercup is versatile and tasty in equal measure. 

Cheesy Characteristics

Versatile and reliable
Perfectly blended to ensure flavour and consistency is paramount
Available in a variety of formats
From diced to grated to shredded and whole blocks
A branded Prima Burger Slices Label

Prima Burger Slices


The ultimate cheesy showstopper for towering burgers and tasty sandwiches

Our brand new burger slices are the ultimate topping for all kinds of burgers and sandwiches. 

Now choose your cheese style

We can produce any of our natural cheese and VEP cheese blends in whichever format is suitable for your application and requirements.

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Our process

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