Our process

The magic of cheese processing

Our process

How does it all work?

Illustration of someone taking a box from a lorry full of them

It all starts with a block

Illustration of blocks of cheese passing through a machine and coming out grated

It’s then time to process

Illustration of someone holding a magnifying glass to a box

We don’t forget packing and testing

Illustration of someone loading boxes into the back of a lorry

Stored, sealed, delivered

Illustration of a map with lots of location pins on it
Global Sales

We deliver all over the world

Ordering process

Creating an account

Step 1

Fill out an account form

Please advise of any strict opening times and warehouse booking systems we need to be aware of. You can find our account form below these steps

Step 2

Form processing

The account form will be sent to the finance team with details of customer credit request

Step 3

Prima credit control

The team will act upon the instructions of the insurers and advise you of the terms offered

Step 4

We’re done!

On receipt of the first order, your personal sales coordinator will confirm your order details and advise on the delivery day

Account form

Creating an account has never been cheesier

Choosing your cheese

Let us help you find what you need

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