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AA+ BRC Announcement
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We can talk at great length about our industry-leading standards here at Prima Cheese. And we frequently do. The truth is, our words don’t count for much without evidence and do we have some evidence!

We are delighted to announce that Prima have been awarded an AA+ BRC rating for Food Safety. Not only is this the highest possible rating awarded but the audit inspection was completely unannounced. We received no warning, notice, or even a heads-up. Receiving an AA+ rating on an unannounced audit is truly a measure of our gold standard working practices.

So what is a BRC rating and who are the BRCGS?

The BRCGS (Brand Reputation through Compliance of Global Standards) is a globally recognised organisation specialising in the assessment of good practice across the supply chain. BRCGS set the benchmark for good manufacturing practice and their rating system is the most rigorous third-party certification scheme of its type. BRCGS was founded by industry experts and BRC continues to be the touchstone for assurance to customers that products are safe, legal, and of high quality.

What does our BRC grading mean and why is it important?

The grading scale for a BRCGS audit ranges from AA at the very top to Uncertified at the bottom. BRCGS also grade for unannounced audits to recognise that the company didn’t have an opportunity to prepare for the audit. No sweeping the metaphorical dust under the metaphorical rug here! Just our everyday excellent working practices. Results awarded following an unannounced audit will have a ‘+’ after the grade. Prima have been awarded an AA+ standard, which is quite literally as good as it gets.

We have hygienists on our production floor

How did we do?

Prima's recent inspection highlighted our spotless production area, airtight operations, efficient organisation and workflow, expert hygienists on our factory floor, and immaculate areas throughout. All of this is reflects not only our working practices but the quality and consistency of all our products.

The BRCGS Auditor noted that we work with an apparently simple process, but our results show we are producing an exceptionally safe product and have a deep understanding of good working practice. The Auditor concluded their findings with “Fantastic audit. Very well done, a very good team. Keep doing what you are doing.”

We want to say thank you to our incredible team. From our Production Operatives to our Hygienists. From our Shift Managers to our Quality Assurance team. We can’t thank everyone here but every single member of our team makes Prima who we are and have contributed to our AA+ BRC rating. At Prima, our excellent standards don’t stop when the audit is over, so our team will be working to our AA+ standard all over again tomorrow. And the day after that too!

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