Strings & Ropes

Strings & Ropes

Mozzarella style ropes are a product specially made & manufactured exclusively for Prima Cheese. This product is to be used for stuffed crust pizzas. We have two products within this range offering a very similar taste profile, the same excellent melt & stretch qualities, but available in different weights & storage instructions.

Simply Melt Pizza Strings

Back by popular demand! Simply Melt is a superior quality Mozzarella Cheese string used for stuffed crust pizzas. We have developed this product with excellent melt and stretch qualities, this is the ideal product to add to your pizza cheese range. Available: 6 x 1kg per case / 120 cases per pallet / Must be kept frozen

Soprano Cheese Ropes

This new product offers an alternative to the current Cheese Strings we provide, the main factor in choosing these over the current Cheese Strings is that these have the potential to be frozen, as well as chilled. Superior quality Cheese Ropes and excellent melt and stretch qualities. The ideal product to add to your pizza range! Products are in 2kg trays / 2 per box


Specialists in the process of shredding and blending of cheese used primarily as a pizza topping.

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