Pizza Range

Pizza Range

Pizza cheese has always been and will always remain our core product.

Due to our vast knowledge and experience within the pizza market, we are able to successfully support, guide and advise our customers in choosing the correct product. Our range of pure mozzarella and blended pizza topping cheese can be blended and adapted for different domestic and worldwide markets.

Pure Mozzarella

A mild flavoured medium hard mozzarella, ideal for grating sourced only from the best mozzarella producers in Belgium, Denmark and Germany, ensuring a superbly high quality and consistency. Our mozzarella is especially produced to our own unique Prima recipe. Pure Mozzarella produces the authentic Italian pizza taste. Available in all formats.

Pure Cheddar

Our 1st grade White and Red cheddar blocks are sourced from consistent and approved suppliers in Ireland. All of our cheddar is grated ensuring a long, even and unbroken shred is produced every time. Available in grated and block. Block: 2.5kg approximate weight cut and packed / 20kg full uncut block.

Mozzarella/ Cheddar

Mozzarella blended with our 1st grade White Cheddar for a much fuller, sharper flavour. Cheese mixtures can be composed to your specification. The melting properties and flavour depend on the ratio. By far the most popular UK blend, our mozzarella / Cheddar blends creates the ideal flavour for the ‘American Style’ pizzas. May also be blended using Red Cheddar for ‘Tex-Mex’ style. Ratio: 80% Mozzarella / 20% Cheddar.

Mozzarella/ Analogue Mix

Our Mozzarella / Analogue blends have been developed to offer a more cost effective alternative to pure mozzarella or mozzarella/cheddar. Although analogue blends have a cost advantage the quality is never compromised. Ratio: 80% Mozzarella / 20% Analogue 70% Mozzarella / 30% Analogue

Red/White Cheese

Red Cheese and White Cheese are a mixture of Red/White Cheddar and Red/White Analogue. These Products have a very good melt, with a pure cheddar taste but at a more cost effective price. Bag Sizes 5kg / 2kg / 1.8kg / 1.5kg / 1kg

Custom Pizza Blends

We can help create a new blend to match our customers requirements in quality, price and taste profile. Prima Cheese has developed many successful blends for different markets with help from our QA & QC departments, who are experienced in achieving custom blend solutions. To discuss bespoke blends, either Natural Cheese or VEP (Value Engineered Products) then contact us on or call our sales team +44 (191) 5210101


Specialists in the process of shredding and blending of cheese used primarily as a pizza topping.

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