Our Brands

Our Brands


Pizza Cheese has always been and will always remain our core product. Our Prima Range is our market leading pizza cheese brand. It is well known throughout the UK & EU for its quality, consistency and versatility. This mild flavoured, medium hard mozzarella is sourced from only the best cheese producers. Our Prima brand ensures superb high quality and consistency. With a unique mix of Mozzarella and Mozzarella with Oil, it is perfect for cooking and melts beautifully. Available: 2kg & 1kg bags


Elite is Prima Cheese’s premium brand which comes in a shredded format. Since the launch of Elite, it has become the fastest growing brand within the market and continues to provide customers with a product that has irresistible taste, aroma, melt, stretch and consistency. ELITE 100 This blend consists of hand-picked Mozzarella sourced from the best suppliers in Europe. ELITE 80/20 This blend comes with 80% hand-picked Mozzarella and 20% first graded, 2 years Mature White Cheddar. There are 2 blends available in: 6 x 2kg bags per box and 6 x 1kg bags per box. 6 x 1kg bags can be provided as a one off sample.


The Soprano Range is a cost effective and versatile pizza blend which is suitable for both American and Italian style pizzas. Soprano is also available in a Red Cheddar alternative and also in a rope form for stuffed crusts. The quality of Soprano is never compromised, it has continued to deliver consistent; melt, stretch and taste results throughout the many years it has been an active product in the market. That is the main reason it is often referred to as a market leader in the UK. There are many imitations of this product within the market but the quality and consistency of our Soprano is unbeatable. Available in blends 100 – 80/20 – 70/30


Diced cheese offers a more even melt across pizzas and better portion control. Available in: 100% Mozzarella 80/20 Mozzarella / Cheddar 70/30 Mozzarella / Cheddar 6 X 2kg Bags


Our Buttercup White and Buttercup Red Cheddar is a relatively hard, sometimes “sharp”, acidic-tasting natural cheese. Buttercup Cheddar is of the highest grade and is only sourced from the best cheese producers around the world. Available in Sliced and Grated Formats


Bags Per Case: 6 x 1kg (6kg total) Cases Per Pallet: 120 Shelf Life & Storage: 12 months Frozen -18°C String diameter: 14mm


Specialists in the process of shredding and blending of cheese used primarily as a pizza topping.

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