Chefs Pass Infused Olive Oil

Chefs Pass Infused Olive Oil Spray

Now available from Prima Cheese, Kerrys Chefs Pass infused oils deliver a ‘fresh from the garden’ taste profile in 3 exciting infusions: Garlic, Chilli & Basil.

The Chef’s Pass Infused Oils are packaged in a newly developed spray bottle for ease of application, to add a finishing touch to any dish.

Product Information 

  • They are for post cook use to add an easily customisable finishing touch.
  • They will lose their flavour and aroma intensity if cooked with or exposed to high temperatures for lengths of time.
  • Natural and aromatic way of adding taste to any dish
  • Delivers a cost effective, consistent taste when compared to fresh ingredients
  • Product can be stored chilled
  • Case Configuration: 6 x 200ml

Where to use?

The infused oils are suitable for:

  • Pizzerias
  • Restaurants/ Takeaways
  • Delis
  • Pubs
  • + More


The innovative processing technology used, allows the flavour of fresh ingredients to be captured.

  • No further processing required
  • Highly stable compared to using fresh herbs


Specialists in the process of shredding and blending of cheese used primarily as a pizza topping.

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